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Canton Fair, 2016 – Second Phase – Counting hours


Indian Stall at International pavilion at Canton fair 2016

With just about a day away from the second phase of Canton Fair to kick off, the steering committee and organizers are all geared up to ensure the visitors have a great time at the event.

Stalls out here bring business alive with products ranging from categories as diverse as home decorative & essentials, kitchenware, toiletries, pet care, lacquerware & polyresen crafts, gardening & furniture, ceramics and toys. So what’s not to love here kids and adults?

Overseas partnership engagement services gave a peek-a-boo into the roster for the next leg’s VIP room and it has some real big names on it. Needless to say, they would have a wonderful time debating and deliberating on developing the next generation products qualifying international export quality standards. The fair will come to an end but learning continues in terms of extended co-operation between parties of interest and next year, we will see this translate into new launches and in fact great ones.

Just off the heels of the first phase of Canton Fair with lot of WoW moments, our Founder and Media Advisor, Mr. Murali Krishna is getting ready to dive into yet another phase. He could not contain his excitement while talking to us back home at about the frenzied pace he witnessed early this week in the first phase. So what do you think? Will he sit back or will he run back to the fair brandishing his Canon 700D and go about busily capturing the marketplace and talking to business leaders. Told you – you will agree with me.

There is lot to talk about. Stay with us on this one.

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