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Drones – a focus of Shenzhen Small Motor Expo 2016 

Did we ever think of transporting a consignment using a drone? No doubt this will reduce a transport time, human errors thanks to state of art application of electronics and GPS technologies. Globally unmanned vehicle systems development is focused more now-a-days to increase technical, safety and logistics hazards. Interestingly Drones can be exploited in to more sensitive applications like hurricane hunting, search and rescue operations, effective farming and protection of wild life where human’s involvement may risk their lives.

Shenzhen Small Motor Expo 2016 which is in progress at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center has displayed variety of drones which can be applied for varying applications.

Shenzhen IC Expo exhibitor which concluded on May 21st 2016, exhibited the ICs which are used in Drones.

Drones displayed during previous covered Green Agriculture  Expo covered exclusively by in August 2015. 

What is a Drone?

For a newbie, Drone is unmanned aerial vehicle which is essentially a flying robot. The size of drones is as large as aero planes and as small as palm of our hand. It generally use two pairs of identical fixed pitch propellers whose change in speed generates thrust and enables flying.

Latest development in technology also aiding the drones to be more intelligent and value adding features like image, video processing and transferring which will be helpful as disaster responders, search and rescue operations, military, investigative journalism and many more.

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