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Tutorials : Goevnts promulgate your presence in an event

In one of the recently concluded automobile event organized by a media group of repute, we have asked a simple question to some of the exhibitors out there. The question is: How is your experience with as a platform? While our objective is to promulgate your presence in an event and drive a compelling campaign for value generation across the entire event marketplace network, we are curious to hear it from some of the users and deploy back their feedback into our DNA and make it better place to live in.

Some of the answers were very kindly peppered with words like ‘User- friendly’, ‘simple & easy to use’, ‘easy to navigate’. They also gave us an inkling into improving some of our publishing practices. Join us in the journey by creating a profile and tell us what you think. We hear you!!!


About the Author 

Zion is a Supply Chain Management professional with interests in marketing management, digital marketing and social media marketing. He spends most of his time solving problems and listening to music. You can find him here writing articles and can be contacted at felix(at)goevnts(dot)com

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