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Is the future of electric bikes in India a bull run? 

Megh neel Renewable Power systems pvt ltd

Megh neel Renewable Power systems pvt ltd

With the Flipkart founders, Tiger Global backed Ather energy launched their electric bike S340 in Feb 2016, the future of electric bike seems to be more excited with younger generation stepping into this business bringing in a value added proposition to existing electric bike business  which has been existed for last 10 years now.

Some thoughts from green entrepreneurs who is working hard to develop their future smart electric bikes

Faster charging and better batteries hold the key to mass adoption of EVs” says Tarun, Founder of Ather energy in an exclusive interview with us. ( click to read complete interview here )

One cannot just import a product and brand it in India” says Navin from Meghneel while speaking to on how he built his smart electric bike prototype. ( click to read complete interview here )

“Its what I believe that Technology goes to the mind and the design goes to the heart and a product which impacts both can be personified.” Says17 year old  Ziad from Gravity Automotive while answering to in an interview.

“We don’t look ourselves as a regular OEM provider. Rather, we look ourselves as a consumer-oriented business” says Kapil, founder of a recently funded Tork Motor cycles in an interview  with

Already available electric bikes equipped with lead acid battery, BLDC Motor drive train which is fitted in wheel, power electronic based motor controllers and battery chargers with a range of 70 km per single charge and a battery life of not more than 2 years. Today’s generation wants to bring in freshness to the market by introducing smart features to the electric bike market with following features

  • Use of Li-ion battery technology to improve the battery life and improve the customer payback on investment
  • Use of battery management system and complete integration of all systems to ensure reliable and safe operation with required performance.
  • Integration of mobile app to enable communication of the driver with the vehicle remotely is definitely  boosting the value proposition
  • Use of right drive train which give the required on road performance which must weigh with existing combustion engine bikes.

A overview of history of electric bikes in India

Electric bikes in India pioneered by Yo bikes which was followed by more than 100 companies with a few years. Unfortunately the business failed miserably after many small players forced themselves to close due to many reasons with some reasons listed as below

  • Product unable to meet customer expectations vis-s-vis compared to a combustion engine vehicle
  • Poor after sales service and spares availability due to unavailability of the India based spare parts manufactures
  • Sealed lead acid battery technology used to meet customer price expectations but haven’t given a considerable pay-back because of the low battery life compared other technologies.

Some existing companies who are worth mentioning in terms of creating value to their customers with conventional electric bike products are Delhi based Hero electric, Coimbator based Hulikkal, Yo bikes, Terra motors who are implementing latest web and mobile payment technologies to reach their customer and trying to give them a better experience.

Government incentives on Electric bikes must focus on Manufacturing and Financing side” says Mr. Teppi Seki of Terra Motors India while our exclusive interview on how electric bikes market in India can grow. ( click to read complete interview here )

With the passion seen by the younger generation, maturity seen in existing companies to transform the Indian electric bike industry, we foresee that electric bike market is going to show a bullish run.

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