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Live Event News  : China International Energy storage talking about future of new energy

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on Application & Future development of

6th International Station Congress

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Talking about application and future of development of Energy storage, the 6th China Energy storage station congress is one of its kind in Energystorage field. The event organized by China’s CDMC is currently running on 24-25 April focusing on discussing on on going technology trends in this field with a series of valuable seminars by China’s top technology experts.

china international energy storage shenzhen

The various seminars scheduled focus on status, policy and future energy, application and future development of energy storage in engineering, value of frequency control by energy storage in the access to power grid of large scale renewable energy, application of energy storage in energy Internet, application prospect and practice of roof top distributed photovoltaic system, energy storage technology and solutions of various solar power generations.

The speakers include Mr. Wang Jin, Director, Institute of International cooperation center , National development and reform, GUO Jiabao the deputy chief engineer from Shanghai electric power design institute co LTD and many other.

Event is sponsored by BYD, EDF, FGY power smooth, china gold , sacred sun.

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