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Marshell Electric vehicle displays its electric vehicles at Canton Fair 2016



Electric vehicles applications getting diversified to multiple applications for our daily lives, China based Marshell Electric Vehicles Company was spotted in Canton Fair 2016 with a product range used for cargo carrying and fighting emergency situations in a greener way.  Some of its products include complete Electric version of flatbed vehicle, cargo box vehicle, sanitation vehicle, Ambulance, fire vehicle and customized vehicles.


Electric flat bed vehicle is with two passengers seating with 480 Kg weight carrying capacity. It has maximum speed of 32 km/hr with a climbing capacity of 20%. Its charging time is 8 to 10 hours with a travelling range per charge is 50 to 70 km. There are more versions of vehicles with 350 kg weight carrying capacity and also with different sizes. Marshell also produce rear cargo vehicle with various cargo dimensions like 800 X 1100 X 230 , 675 X 1100 X 160 sizes in mm

Electric sanitary vehicle,  which is for carrying sanitation waste, with a single passenger, with a rear cargo carrying capacity of 200 Kg. Vehicle runs at a max speed of 25 km/hr. Motor used in this vehicle is DC 48V 500W with a controller of 30A. Electric food vehicle is with 2 persons seating with a weight carrying capacity of 800 Kg. Electric ambulance has 80 to 100 km range with 30% climbing capability and maximum speed of 25 km/hr.

Electric fire vehicle also has a 2 person capacity with a gross weight of 800 kg and carrying capacity of 320 kg. Motor used is DC 48V 3 KW with a charging time of 8-10 hours and a travelling range per charge is 80-100 km. Battery cells  used is 6V 225AH. Its maximum speed is 25 km/hr and maximum climbing capacity is 25%. As a fire vehicle, its maximum working pressure is  0.5Mpa and water flow is 766L/min.

Electric customized vehicles with a higher passenger capacity for domestic transportation, also for police patrolling vehicles. The drive train used in these products is 72V 5Kw with 72V 400A controller which gives a speed of 28 km/hr and range of 70-80 km for full charge.

GoEvnts take: EV technology is currently in constant evaluation, new battery technologies invented, improved electric drive train technologies been developed. Electric vehicles used in emergency conditions like Ambulance and fire fighting must be considered for higher speed levels instead of 25 km/hr speed.

About Canton fair

Canton fair 2016 which was just concluded in Canton Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou has display of wide range of products of various industries from electronics, home appliances, building technology to chemicals. But in addition, Canton fair attendees tasted the green technology products in their new energy sources and green automobiles industry

About Marshell,

Marshell is the world class electric vehicle manufacturer, specialized in producing and selling golf cars, sightseeing cars scooters, golf trolley and utility vehicles. It has  two facilities in Guangzhou and Shanghai with 210000 square meter work shops with over 100 experienced engineers and 1200 workers.

Equipped with automatic production for making their products, Marshell’s daily capacity is 100 units big vehicls and 500 units scooters. With a common pursuit of green world and energy saving transportation, marshell is devoted to offering top quality electric vehicles with competitive price and friendly after-sales service.

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