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Building motor manufacturing ecosystem in Shenzhen Small Motor expo 2016

The 14th Shenzhen ( China ) International Small Motor, Electrical machinery and Magnetic material expo 2016 has showcased the product range specific to motor development, production line, testing and automation which increases productivity and improve ROI for the entreprenuers in this field. The expo has also focused in the latest applications of motors such as Drones, automobiles, electric vehicles,  space and defense applications.

Goevnts being the media partner to the event, has visited the event and had conversation with exhibitors and the overview as follows

Shenzhen JiuJu Industrial equipment co ltd deals with research and development of magnetization equipments and fluid control technology with expertise in fluid dispensing control, high intensity magnetisation control and non-standard automatic production line. Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here


Sino Steel Anhui Tianyuan Technology co ltd specialised in ferrite magnets, NdFeB magnets and Brushless DC Motors. Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here

Tianhe ( Baotou ) Advanced Tech Magnet co ltd specialised in making NdFeB magnets ( 10,000 tons annually ), SmCo ( 500 tons annually ) with DDP-Dy & DFP-Dy technology. Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here

Shenzhen Lifeng diamond products co ltd supply high precision turret 8-station CNC lathes, centre lathes, milling machines, high precision internal and external grinding machines, flat grinders, vacuum sintering  furnaces, spark machines, 100T press machines, dynamic balancers etc. The product widely apply to touch screen, hard alloy, optical glass, quartz, sapphire, ceramics and auto parts. Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here

Shanxi HuiQiang magnets co ltd deals with research, design and manufacturing of Nd FeB magnets which are widely used in Wind power, energy saving and new energy cars, all kinds of motors and rail transportation equipments, medical devices, intelligent robot, maglev train and many more. – Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here

Hangzhou Qianhe precision machinery co ltd deals with Coil winding tensioner, Coil winding Nozzle, tooling fixtures and ceramic parts. Go the the exhibitor official website – Click here

Other exhibitors who deal with rare earth magnets include – Thinova magnet co ltd, Hua Ci magnet co ltd, Chengdu Tech Sun Magnet co td, Hangzhou XiaoShan Zhejiang Magnet co ltd, Anhui CY Magnet co ltd

More pictures of the event below.

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Goevnts is the official media partner to this event.

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