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Magnet manufacturing companies displayed in Shenzhen Small Motor expo 2016

The 14th Shenzhen ( China ) International Small Motor, Electrical machinery and Magnetic material expo 2016 has showcased the product range specific to motor development, production line, testing and automation which increases productivity and improve ROI for the entreprenuers in this field. The expo has also focused in the latest applications of motors such as Drones, automobiles, electric vehicles,  space and defense applications.

Goevnts being the media partner to the event, has visited the event and had conversation with exhibitors and the overview as follows

Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a New York based magnet manufacturing and magnetic precision assemblies with 10 facilities which includes United States, United Kingdon, Switzerland and China. Their magnets been used in diverse applications which include automobile, industry, communication, medical, electronics, household appliance, military and aerospace. They produce injection moulded magnetic powers like Ferrite ( low cost ), NdFeB ( Highest magnetic strength ), SmCo ( High magnetic strength with high applications temperature ) and hybrid powders for combined benefits. They also produce magnetic assemblies , magnetic copier roles and developer assemblies. Visit supplier website – Click here

Joint-MAG Magnetic Materials , a Sichuan based magnet production enterprise by the ministry of Electronic industry which is engaged in production and research permanent magnetic ferrets over 30 years. Its series of products are widely used in motor cycle ACG, starter motors, vehicle starters, wiper motors, window & seat regulations, fuel pumps, fan motors and electric tools. Visit the supplier website – Click here

ABM Magnetics , a Shenzhen based magnet manufacturing and engineering solution provider for magnetic material and assembly. Their product range are Sintered NdFeB magnets, Bonded magnets, Magnetic components like rotor & stator, magnetic sensor components. In addition, they also provide technological solutions in magnetic circuit design, magnet shapes & size design, magnetising pattern design and coating solution.  Visit the supplier website – Click here

More pictures of the event below.

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Goevnts is the official media partner to this event.

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