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Motor production line automation and more opportunities in Shenzhen Small Motor expo 2016

The 14th Shenzhen ( China ) International Small Motor, Electrical machinery and Magnetic material expo 2016 has showcased the product range specific to motor development, production line, testing and automation which increases productivity and improve ROI for the entreprenuers in this field. The expo has also focused in the latest applications of motors such as Drones, automobiles, electric vehicles,  space and defense applications.

Goevnts being the media partner to the event, has visited the event and had conversation with exhibitors and the overview as follows

  • Shenzhen Honest Mechatronics Equipment co ltd is a manufacturer of automatic winding machines, stator winding machines, coil winding frame, mobile phone vibration motor winding machine, spot welding machine, precision machines and many more.
  • Beijing E-drive systems co ltd is a leading coreless motor manufacturing with a capability to custom building of motors as per customer requirements.
  • Huizhou Ciyan Magnet Technology co ltd is maker of NdFeB rare-earth magnet material and components.
  • Will-Best Welding equipment Co ltd is a manufacturer specialised in precision spot welders.
  • Dongzhi Donglin Electronic Co ltd is the professional development of micro-motor high precision and various kinds of motors.
  • Teledyne Leroy Inc is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analysers and related test and measurement solutions.
  • Nanhai Foshan Shenghong Electromechanical co ltd produce Gear, reducers and timer.
  • Shenzhen Jie Chuang Motor Co ltd manufacturers micro motors , worm gear, fitness equipment motors, wire feeder and assembly, garage door motors.

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Goevnts is the official media partner to this event.

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