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Shenzhen Small motor expo leveraging business opportunities in Electric motor business



Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center is holding International Small motor, Electric machinery & Magnetic expo giving a way to loads of business opportunities in this sector. The event is currently happening and is  scheduled to conclude on May 26 2016.

Needless to say, Electric motor is the part of our life, be it a fan to keep us cool, starting a vehicle, air conditioner to cool our room, refrigerator to keep our stuff fresh, washing machine to wash our clothing, vacuum cleaner and many more. This technology is touching our lives and we don’t even know we are using it.

Conventional Motors are mostly Induction motors but the maturity of material and electronic technologies has given rise to new motor technologies like permanent magnet DC motors ( PMDC )  ,  Brushless DC motors ( BLDC ) and switched reluctance motors ( SRM). While Shenzhen Small motor expo is focused on PMDC and BLDC and showcased variety of exhibitors who produce various magnet technologies, motor and magnet end of line test equipments, die casting machines to produce housings, lamination punch machines and tool making companies specific to serve this industry. In addition, there are also exhibitors who are catering to Transformer industry.

The expo has also focused in the latest applications of motors such as Drones, automobiles, electric vehicles,  space and defense applications.

Goevnts being the media partner to the event, has visited the event and had conversation with exhibitors and the overview as follows

· Nantong Kangda Carbon Co. ltd is a carbon brushes, brush yokes and brush holders maker which are used in PMDC, DC motors.

· Shenzhen Yungjia Ink Jet Equipment co ltd is a Ink jet printing and marking machines supplier which also produce plotters, EDM equipments to cater food & beverage industry, chemical and metal products and plastic products etc.

· ZhongShan Zhanhui Electronic equipments co ltd is an automatic winding machine manufacturer for transformer industry in specific.

· Wuxi Disen Machinery manufacturing Co ltd is specialized in manufacturing equipment of motor, electric appliances and insulation treatment.

· Vast-Union Machinery ( HK ) limited is a winding machine maker, specialized in electronic field and in constant research and development in this specific technology.

· THM Co ltd is a Chinese subsuidary of THM Japan makes fibre laser welding machine and resistance welding machine.  These machines are used for applications where there are need of effective connections between windings and cables.

The list is exhaustive and a few shared for now.  More exhibitor details to come. Stay tuned ! – subscribe to us on

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Goevnts is the official media partner to this event.

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