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RFID in Event Industry – see how it fits !

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. The reader is a device that has one or more antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals back from the RFID tag. Tags, which use radio waves to communicate their identity and other information to nearby readers, can […]

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Article : How to make India a favorite business events destination?

Business events such as Trade shows, Exhibitions and Conferences are the back bone for any country trade and commerce. The Make In India initiative by our government has given a boost to the foreign investments by big brands but unless India Inc sell products effectively to domestic and international market, the hype in foreign investments […]

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Quick overview of  RFID Journal Live! 2016

Retail and apparel companies have been among the early adopters of RFID technologies, RFID Journal Live! 2016 is focusing on these sectors during its conference and exhibition which will be held on May 3-5 2016, at the Orange County Convention center, located in Orland, Fla. Some of the prominent exhibitors as per the event website are […]

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